The Garden & Outside Areas - Fonte Monache


The outside space is designed to take full advantage of hot summer days and long warm evenings with plenty of choices of places to sit, to relax, to cook and to eat.

There are three separate and very different seating and eating areas on different sides of the house to cope with sun or rain or to match your mood.

Each area is surrounded by flowering plants including roses, plumbago, jasmine and solanum. Each area is well lit at night.

Fonte Monache is surrounded by our own farm land. Olive groves stretch away in every direction but the house and garden are above the tops of most of the trees and you will enjoy great views.

Half of our land is dedicated to olive groves as can be seen below.

Casa Cichella is the house at the bottom, Fonte Monache is just right of centre and the village of Montefino is at the top.

We use no chemicals on the farm and as a result we are blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Numerous wild birds live here including owls, falcons, buzzards and redstarts.

There are hedgehog, hare, deer, and black squirrels on our land and wild boar still inhabit the deep valley below the house. Red, purple and yellow poppies, wild orchids, violets, and Iris are among the many different wild flowers that clothe our hillsides at various times of the year.

Our land is there for you to enjoy.

You can take an early morning walk across the fields to collect fresh bread from the village or  picnic under the olives in the heat of the day.

Alternatively you can laze by the pool summoning up the energy to open a bottle of wine and light the barbecue once the sun goes down.

Everyone who stays at Fonte Monache goes home relaxed and refreshed. It’s just that sort of place.

You can laze in comfortable chairs by the pool in full sun or dappled shade.

Eat in dappled shade by one of the two springs that bubble out of the hillside by the house.

Or, just outside the kitchen door is an open dining area with a solid roof and low stone walls, a real outside room that is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner or just as a shady place to read.